Professur für Biomechanik im Sport - Department of Biomechanics in Sports

Grundlagenforschung und anwendungsorientiert-biomechanische Fragestellungen in den Bereichen des Leistungs- und Gesundheitssports, sowie der Rehabilitation und Prävention.



Presentations at the 8th World Congress of Biomechanics

2018 World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin, Ireland from 8 – 12 July 2018.[mehr]


Presentations at the 23rd ECSS congress in Dublin

23rd annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), 4th-7th July 2018, Dublin, Ireland.[mehr]


New paper published in PLOS ONE

"Thigh muscle segmentation of chemical shift encoding-based water-fat magnetic resonance images: The reference database MyoSegmenTUM" [mehr]


New paper published in the European Journal of Sport Science

Seiberl, W., Jensen, E., Merker, J., Leitel, M., & Schwirtz, A.: "Accuracy and precision of loadsol® insole force-sensors for the quantification of ground reaction force-based biomechanical running parameters."[mehr]


New publication published in Plos One

Bolger, Conor M.; Bessone, Veronica; Federolf, Peter; Ettema, Gertjan; Sandbakk, Øyvind: "The influence of increased distal loading on metabolic cost, efficiency, and kinematics of roller ski skating"[mehr]


Yearbook 2016/17 from the Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISp) available

Reports from our research with respect to applied biomechanics in sports are available.[mehr]


XII Paralmypic Winter Games PyeongChang

Crossing fingers for Lutz Klausmann and Nico Messinger![mehr]


New Conference Full Papers in MDPI Proceedings

Veronica Bessone, Johannes Petrat, Wolfgang Seiberl and Ansgar Schwirtz: "Analysis of Landing in Ski Jumping by Means of Inertial Sensors and Force Insoles"[mehr]

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