Professur für Biomechanik im Sport - Department of Biomechanics in Sports

Grundlagenforschung und anwendungsorientiert-biomechanische Fragestellungen in den Bereichen des Leistungs- und Gesundheitssports, sowie der Rehabilitation und Prävention.



Applied Biomechanics

BISp projects in cross-country skiing, ski-jumping and javelin throwing just started[mehr]


Biomechanics team with 6 presentations at the ECSS 2016 in vienna

The 21st Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science took place in Vienna, Austria. [mehr]


We warmly welcome our new biomechanics team member Veronica Bessone!

Veronica will work on a IGSSE research project focusing on the modelling, simulation and optimization of a ski jump.[mehr]


New paper published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine

Sandmann, G. H., Hahn, D., Amereller, M., Siebenlist, S., Schwirz, A., Imhoff, A. B. and Brucker, P. U. "Mid-term Functional Outcome and Return to Sports after Proximal Hamstring Tendon Repair."[mehr]


New paper published in BMC Sport Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation

Fabian Stöcker, Christoph Von Oldershausen, Florian Kurt Paternoster, Thorsten Schulz and Renate Oberhoffer: „Relationship of post-exercise muscle oxygenation and duration of cycling exercise.”[mehr]


New paper published in Journal of Biomechanics

Paternoster F. K., Seiberl W., Hahn D. & Schwirtz, A.: "Residual force enhancement dur-ing multi-joint leg extensions at joint- angle configurations close to natural human motion."[mehr]


New paper published in Scientific Reports

Fortuna R., Power G.A., Mende E., Seiberl W. & Herzog W.: "Residual force enhancement following shortening is speed-dependent."[mehr]


New paper published in Clinical Biomechanics

Hartmann, Merker, Häfner, Haas & Schwirtz: "Biomechanics of walking in adolescents with progressive pseudorheumatoid arthropathy of childhood leads to physical activity recommendations as therapeutic focus."[mehr]

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